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Adult Transitions / Academic Refreshers / Adult Basic Math Literacy


Registration is by appointment only. Please call our Saco Learning Center at 207-282-3846 to set up a meeting and complete the student intake process with our Student Services Coordinator, Liis Nigol. She will help you selest the courses that support the academic skills you want to improve (must be 17+).


Adult Critical Thinking, Reading & Writing -1/2/19-6/5/19, M/W from 1:30-3 PM, room 1, Melissa Mowery

Improve your reading comprehension and become clear, competent and confident writers! Write a number of different types of paragraphs using the 5 components of "Critical Thinking:" open-mindedness, problem solving, creativity, analysis, and communication.  A wonderful variety of National Geographic readings and writings will be used as instructional guides.

Adult Functional Life Math - 1/3/19-4/11/19, Thursdays from 1-2:30 PM, room 1, Melissa Mowery

Learn the basic math needed to function in everyday life. This class is a supportive atmosphere where you learn through practice and hands-on investigation with the concepts. Some of the topics covered will be math facts through 20, place value through 100, time tables & schedules, and basic geometric shapes.

Adult Literacy: Reading Basics - 1/2/19-6/5/19, M/W 9-10:30 AM, room 1, Melissa Mowery

Join this fun & comprehensive class to improve your reading skills for personal, academic, & work goals! This course uses an interesting text that has true stories from across a variety of content areas and topics. Through these fascinating stories we practice reading comprehension skills, vocabulary, & grammar activities. We will also apply all of those skills and activities to the classic story of “The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes”!

Adult Math: Comprehensive Review & Accuplacer Prep  - 1/2/19-6/5/19, M/W from 11:00 - 12:30, room 1 Melissa Mowery

Whether you are looking for review or preparing for college level math, this is the class for you! The "Comprehensive Review" portion of the class will refresh your skills with whole number operations, mental math, fractions, decimals, and percents. Math in this course is learned through practice, real life contextualization using the concepts, and individualized instruction. The "Accuplacer Prep" portion of the class is self paced and individualized depending on the results of Unit Pre-tests – You only work on the skills you haven’t mastered yet! Accuplacer Prep starts with basic arithmetic and progresses through geometry and algebra skills.  The two portions of this class run simultaneously throughout the semester.

Explorations in Literature – W19, Mon/Wed 8-10 AM, Room 2, Christine Adams

Explorations in Literature is designed to improve students’ abilities for employment, further schooling, or to simply refresh reading and writing skills.  Through a variety of reading materials, students investigate different types of literature styles.

Missed the start date? No problem! This class has ongoing enrollment as studies are tailored to our students’ needs.


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