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Alternative Education & Youth Programs (Ages 16-19)

      Where Learning is an Adventure!!

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Alternative Education & Youth Program students persue these basic goals:

• Earn a high school diploma

• Learn about career opportunities

• Improve employment skills

Program Overview

Alternative Education and Youth Program students are integrated together to work on completing their high school diploma in a small group, hands-on setting

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Program Features

  • Career exploration

  • College preparation

  • Group counseling discussion

  • Individualized education plans

  • Life-skills exercises

  • Small group setting for developing academic, personal, and social skills

  • Special field trips

Who would benefit? Students who:

  • Are between the ages of 16 and 20

  • Are hands-on learners

  • Are motivated to learn when given an environment that meets their needs

  • Have not experienced sustained success in regular high school

  • Prefer a small group setting and individual learning approaches

    Alternative Education

    Students must be currently enrolled in Old Orchard Beach High School or Thornton Academy.

    Students apply through referral by their regular high school or school superintendent’s office. Referrals from school personnel and student application forms are to be completed and delivered to the Saco Learning Center, (207) 282-3846, where an interview is arranged. If openings occur, new students may be invited to enroll.

    After graduation requirements are completed, students receive their diploma through their respective high schools

    Youth Program

    Students ages 16-20 who have left regular education may enroll in the Youth Program. These students must schedule a meeting with our Student Sevices Coordinator who will help to create an individualized learning plan for each student. After graduation requirements are completed, students will receive their high school diploma from OOB/Saco Adult Ecuation.


    2019 Class Schedule

    Alternative Education & Youth Programs

    Ages 16-20 at the Saco Learning Center

    Explorations in Literature - 1/2/2019-4/10/19, Mondays & Wednesdays from 8-10 AM, Christine Adams

    Explorations in Literature is designed to improve students’ abilities for employment, further schooling, or to simply refresh reading and writing skills.  Through a variety of reading materials, students investigate different types of literature styles.

    Missed the start date? No problem! This class has ongoing enrollment as studies are tailored to our students’ needs.

    Introduction to the Workforce - 1/3/19-4/9/19, Tuesdays 1-3 PM, Melissa Mowery

    What does it actually mean to be “ready for the workplace”? This class will have a lot of great interaction between teachers, students, and a variety of professionals. The main focus of this class will be awareness and improvement of “Soft Skills”. Some of the sessions will be held in the classroom, while a number of the sessions will either be a visit to, or visit from, professionals in a variety of popular fields, coordinated by your instructor. This class will count towards credits for high school diploma students, but is open to anyone who would like help entering or re-entering the workplace.

    YTH - College & Career Readiness – 1/3/2019-4/9/2019, Tuesdays from 10:30 AM– 2:30 PM,  Christine Adams

    This class will focus on investigating career and college options for the post graduate. Students will take online skill, personality, and career assessments to identify individual skills and interests.  Students will then create individual portfolios that include: career descriptions and required competencies, compatible college options and descriptions, and a completed college application and essay. Portfolios will also include a cover letter and a resume. 

    YTH - Maine History - 1/08/19 - 4/09/19, Tuesdays from 1-3 PM,  Christine Adams

    Students will be introduced to Maine from a historical point of view, through important events and cultural changes.

    YTH - Math in the Everyday World - 1/3/19-4/11/19, Thursdays from 1-3 PM,  Christine Adams

    Refresh your skills with whole number operations, practice mental math, and relearn fractions, decimals, and percents. Math in this course is learned through practice, hands-on investigation with the concepts, and individualized instruction.  Learn how math relates to the world around us.

    YTH – U.S. Government & Politics1/2/19-4/10/19, M/W from 1-3 PM,  Christine Adams

    Learn all about the United States government using discussion, video and other presentations to examine the structure of U.S. government and the saga of American politics. Topics include government, politics, current events, and citizenship. This class is FREE to eligible students.

    YTH - Writing About Art - 1/2/19-4/10/19, M/W from 10:30 AM-12:30 PM,  Christine Adams

    We are living in a period where images flash before our eyes at a rapid and sometimes overwhelming pace. This class is about slowing down the act of viewing art where the student can process, reflect and then creatively write about images that hold meaning for the student. We will look to art for inspiration to facilitate the creative writing process.


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