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Maine College & Career Access






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Maine College & Career Access (MCCA) is at NO COST to you!

FREE MCCA Information Sessions for Winter 2019

Thursday, January 10th, 2019 from 10 AM - 12 Noon or 4 - 6 PM, Saco Learning Center, 80 Common St. 

Call (207) 282 3846 or follow the links above to register online.

 Walk-ins are welcome and sessions are usually held in August or September for our Fall semester and in January for our Winter semester. REGISTRATION is encouraged. 

 You can also email our Student Services Coordinator, Liis Nigol at

We can help you get ready for College!


Registration is by appointment only, please call our Saco Learning Center at (207) 282-3846 to set up a meeting and complete the student intake process with our Student Services Coordinator, Liis Nigol.

Accuplacer Testing – by appointment only

Adult Math: Comprehensive Review & Accuplacer Prep - 1/2/19-6/5/19 from 11 AM-12:30 PM, room 1, with Melissa Mowery

Whether you are looking for review or preparing for college level math, this is the class for you! The "Comprehensive Review" portion of the class will refresh your skills with whole number operations, mental math, fractions, decimals and percents. Math in this course is learned through practice, real life contextualization using the concepts and individualized instruction. The "Accuplacer Prep" portion of the class is self-paced and individualized depending on the results of Unit Pre-tests. You only study the skills you haven’t mastered yet! Accuplacer Prep starts with basic arithmetic and progresses through geometry and algebra skills. The two portions of this class run simultaneously throughout the semester.

MCCA- Algebra - 1/22/2019-5/14/2019, Tuesdays from 2-4:30 PM, Conference room, Mary Marra

MCCA Algebra is designed as an introduction to basic algebraic concepts.  The course covers signed numbers, algebraic expressions, graphing, polynomials, factoring and problem-solving strategies.  The scope of this course is fairly broad and is intended to enhance your knowledge of elementary algebraic topics. Successful completion of MCCA Algebra (with a grade of 83% or better) will be equivalent to a passing score in MAT098 at YCCC, meeting the prerequisite for MAT109, MAT122, or MAT127.

MCCA Advisement - 1/22/2019-5/14/2019, Tues 9-10:00 AM, Conference Room, Liis Nigol

This course is intended to prepare you with the skills and information you need for entering and succeeding in college & your career. Along with career advisement and information on both college selection and career information, special attention is paid to the college application process, financial aid as well as soft skills such as note-taking and study skills. Guest speakers from various local organizations and a college visit will be included in the schedule. This class is required when taking other academic classes in our College Transitions program.

MCCA Foundations of Math at UMA Saco - 1/22/2019-5/14/2019, Tuesdays from 5-7:30 PM, UMA Saco, Mary Marra

Foundations of Math, a Maine College & Career Access course, is designed to give the basic mathematics skills needed for success in future math courses in college and for many personal and professional situations as well. With an emphasis on arithmetic computations and informal geometry, other topics included are elementary number theory, operations with fractions, decimals, percents, ratio proportion, signed numbers, data interpretation and introductory algebra.  Successful completion of Foundations of Mathematics  (with a grade of C or better) is equivalent to MAT009 at UMA and will meet the prerequisite for MA015 or MA030 at UMA Saco.  Successful completion of Foundations of Mathematics (with a grade of 83% or better) will be equivalent to a passing score in MAT092 at YCCC, meeting the prerequisite for MAT098.

MCCA - Language Arts - 1/22/2019-5/14/2019, Tuesdays from 11:30 AM-2 PM, Open Room, Bo Hewey

Prepare yourself for the academic demands of college! Gain confidence in your potential as a student and improve your reading, writing, and study skills.

Why go to College?

  • To complete an Associate’s or Bachelor’s Degree in an interesting field

  • To explore a new career or advance in your current job

  • To attend classes part-time while you work or the children are in school

  • To earn a better salary

Getting a college degree means you are more likely to be employed and earn more money. In the 21st century the ability to acquire knowledge and skills plays a significant role in one’s success and quality of life. A post-secondary education program will increase your competitiveness in the job market.

The more you learn, the more you earn. It is that simple!

How can Adult Education help you get into college?

We offer the following student support services:

  • College counseling with our Student Services Coordinator and the Maine Education Opportunity Center

  • College preparation courses to help you improve your skills (see description below)

  • Accuplacer testing for students who want to know if they have the skills necessary for college classes

  • Help with filling out financial aid and college applications

MCCA - Maine College & Career Access

These courses focus on refining skills in the essential areas of reading comprehension, writing skills, and math applications. Featured courses include: Algebra, College Prep Writing Skills, Information Technology.

In addition, we do Accuplacer testing, financial aid, college applications, and other college readiness support are offered throughout the school year. There are also opportunities for college visits scheduled in both the Fall and Winter semesters.

Our professional Career Counselor will do Advisement that covers everything you will need to know before, during, and after college. Now thats support!

Financial Aid Information

Get an overview of college finances and complete the Free Application of Federal Student Aid form (FAFSA). Become prepared to access the funding needed for college.

Accuplacer Testing

The Accuplacer test is required for students wishing to enter a community college and is available at no cost to our academic students. The test helps students recognize individual strengths and weaknesses in math and English. When test results are discussed with our Student Services Coordinator, they can be used to identify adult education classes that help prepare students for college. Space is limited for the Accuplacer, so you must call (207) 282-3846 and register prior to testing.

If you haven’t been in school for a while we can help you

  • Develop and sharpen your academic & computer skills

  • Get the inside scoop on how college works & what’s expected

  • Find financial aid & prepare applications

  • Prepare for college placement tests

Call us today at (207) 282-3846 or email our Student Services Coordinator at or our main office in Old Orchard Beach (207) 934-7922.

We can help you get ready for College!

To be eligible, you must have:

  • High school diploma or HiSET and take the Accuplacer test with us.

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